No need to wait for your next paycheck to enjoy some fun activities in Jacksonville. There are plenty of free, enjoyable activities that are available to enjoy in the area. Here are 10 great things to do in Jacksonville for free.

  1. Jacksonville Skyway
    The Jacksonville Skyway is an automated monorail train. It is free for passengers and provides easy, convenient access to hotels and restaurants. Simply riding on the Skyway is a fun activity in and of itself, as it provides great views as it travels over the downtown streets and across the St. Johns River.
  2. Jacksonville Beach
    Jacksonville Beach is a rather large beach. It tends to be less crowded than many of the other beaches that are nearby, which can make it a much more appealing place to visit. Jacksonville Beach provides great opportunities for swimming, searching for seashells, and many other fun beach activities. It is also close to several great restaurants.
  3. Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens
    The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens is a particularly popular museum. A visit to the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens is free on Tuesdays, which makes it a great weekday activity for the entire family.
  4. The Baldwin Trail
    Biking along the Baldwin Trail can be an exceptionally enjoyable experience. This trail contains 14.5 miles of beautiful path that is covered by tree canopies.
  5. Jacksonville Jazz Festival
    The Jacksonville Jazz Festival can provide substantial amounts of entertainment. It features many various jazz musicians on multiple stages. It is held over Memorial Day Weekend every year.
  6. Beaches Museum and History Center
    The Beaches Museum and History Center can provide you with significant amounts of history-related information. It hosts multiple exhibits and can provide significant amounts of information and entertainment.
  7. The Jacksonville Farmer’s Market
    The Jacksonville Farmer’s Market is the oldest farmer’s market in Florida. It provides multiple opportunities for purchasing seafood, fresh produce, and more.
  8. Kingsley Plantation
    The Kingsley Plantation is the oldest plantation in Florida that is still standing. Visiting the Kingsley Plantation is free and there is even an audio tour available to provide a thorough historical view of the Plantation’s history.
  9. The Riverwalk
    The Riverwalk provides an excellent opportunity to take a scenic stroll along the St. Johns River. This lengthy area helps to provide a beautiful, enjoyable walk.
  10. Riverside Arts Market
    If you continue on to the Northbank of the Riverwalk, you may come across the Riverside Arts Market. This is a weekly arts festival that is free to visitors. It is held on Saturdays from 10-4, between the months of March and December. This festival features many different things, including local art vendors, fresh produce, and live entertainment.
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