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Managing your St. Augustine rental home can result in dividing your time between property management tasks such as maintenance, dealing with tenant concerns, and marketing a vacant rental. If you’re a property owner who wants to gain peace of mind, you can utilize our property management services.

Keyrenter Jacksonville will keep your records organized, tend to emergencies, resolve property issues and conduct marketing and tenant screening. Our property managers help you gain optimal returns from your investment and keep your residents happy. We go above and beyond and stand out from other property management companies. 

St. Augustine Property Management Company

As a professional property management company, our team is knowledgeable in the needs of single-family homes, condo units, complexes, and multi-family buildings. We’ve set up efficient systems to eliminate risks and protect the interests of property owners.

Established in Jacksonville, we offer leasing and full property management services to St. Augustine rental owners. We know how important it is to carefully screen renters, as high quality renters greatly contribute to a successful business.

Property Managers St. Augustine

sAs a property owner, you can enjoy peace of mind while we dedicate time and effort to presenting a habitable rental home that encourages tenants to rent long term. As a partner, we offer our local expertise, access to advanced technology software, and expert insight from our team.

We’re transparent in our pricing and have affordable package plans suitable to your investment property in St. Augustine. Better yet, you won’t be surprised by any hidden fees! No matter the size of your portfolio and the type of property you own, you’re guaranteed value with our property management services.

Our Property Management Services

As a client of Keyrenter Jacksonville, you’re provided with sound marketing strategies, detailed tenant screening procedures, prompt rent collection, and effective property maintenance.
We also grant a leasing guarantee, maintenance guarantee, tenant guarantee, and service guarantee. The following are some of the services our business provides to our valued clients.

1. Marketing Your Rental Property

Advertising your St. Augustine rental home should be performed by skilled marketers. It speeds up the process of filling vacancies and ensures that the ads reach the target demographics.
Keyrenter Jacksonville has excellent marketing strategies that include releasing professional marketing photos, video tour marketing, and premium rental advertising.

We help prepare your investment property before we conduct showings to ensure the best features will be highlighted. We increase ad exposure to attract a pool of potential renters.

2. Tenant Screening Process

Any property owner knows that finding the best tenant among the prospects is a necessary step. Keyrenter Jacksonville will assess the tenants before welcoming any of them to your St. Augustine property. Our 14-step tenant screening process is designed to reduce the likelihood of low-quality tenants living in your unit to ensure you can enjoy consistent rental income.

A potential tenant will be assessed in a number of ways. We look at the rental history, credit score, and employment history. We contact their previous landlords to gauge the suitability of the tenant and their ability to make timely rent. We also handle evictions if it can’t be avoided.

tenant screening

3. Crafting a Leasing Agreement

Leasing agreements are essential to reduce disagreements. It acts as a guide on procedures and policies such as bringing pets, subletting, paying the rent, and entering the property. For your St. Augustine rental home, Keyrenter Jacksonville creates a lease that contains specific terms and conditions suitable to your investment property.
It will also be discussed with the renters before signing to confirm their understanding. The lease will cover updated laws and local regulations. It will detail your rights and responsibilities, as well as your tenants’.

4. Property Repairs And Maintenance

A St. Augustine rental home that is well-taken care of increases its value in the eyes of the renters. With Keyrenter Jacksonville as your St. Augustine property management team, repairs will be performed efficiently.

Our property management services include performing routine inspections and exercising preventive maintenance. Regular property checkups alert us to early signs of property damage. We fix the problem immediately to ensure it doesn’t result in a greater cost down the road that could inconvenience our property owners.

inspection and routine maintenance

Maintenance is a day-to-day responsibility when owning a rental property. Keyrenter Jacksonville streamlines the property management process for you. We encourage tenants to report maintenance concerns by providing access to a portal.

We also have a qualified team of specialists to manage the property repairs. This brings quality results, leading to a profitable space to rent.

About St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine is located on the Atlantic coast of the northeastern region of Florida. The city of St. Augustine spans a total area of 10.7 square miles with 8.4 square miles made up of land while the remaining 2.4 square miles are covered in water.

St. Augustine also offers top golf courses, lovely beaches, magnificent nature, and a wide variety of shops and restaurants. The unemployment rate is low, thanks to St. Augustine’s strong economy. Among its biggest employers are the St John’s County Government, Bank of America, and Baptist Health.

Here are interesting things to see in St. Augustine, Florida:

  1. Castillo de San Marcos National
  2. St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum
  3. St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park
  4. St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum
  5. St. Augustine Distillery
  6. Lightner Museum
  7. Fort Mose Historic State Park
  8. The Colonial Quarter
  9. Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park
  10. Potter’s Wax Museum

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Along with St. Augustine, we also serve the following areas in Florida: Atlantic Beach, Avondale, Arlington, Baker County, Clay County, Duval County, Flagler, Jacksonville Beach, Mandarin, Mayport, Nassau, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, Riverside, San MarcoSt. Johns County, Southside.

We can tend to your needs regardless of your rental property address. Let us help make your rental property a success. We specialize in minimizing your stress and maximizing your return on investment for your rental business. Contact Keyrenter Jacksonville today!

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