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Let Us Manage Your San Marco Rental Property

The success of your investment in San Marco real estate lies in the quality and thoroughness of its management. You need to ensure that your renters receive the best tenant experience.

The property should be in good condition all-through, tenant demands should be handled in a reasonable time, and you should also ensure compliance to legal regulations.

Management can wear even the most hardworking of property owners. That’s why we recommend that you hire the property specialists from Keyrenter Jacksonville.

We have years of experience offering professional property management solutions to hundreds of property owners in the region. Our clients can give testimony of the quality of our services, the integrity and accountability of our property managers, and professionalism.

professional team of property managers

As the leading service provider in the region, we acknowledge that there are no two properties that have the same property needs.

From our wide range of services, we will implement a customized management plan that will match your property needs. This ensures that your tenants are kept as happy as possible.

Worried about the cost of our property management fees? Keyrenter Jacksonville is a locally owned business and knows the economic struggles at the moment. We charge our services competitively making them affordable for many property owners.

Ready to outsource the management of your property? Get in touch with us today and receive a free quote.

Our Property Management Services

Keyrenter Jacksonville is obligated to meet every need that your property and its tenants have. We provide a wide range of property management solutions

Tenant Screening

Real estate investment is known for its reliability as a passive source of income. However, what people forget is that this is dependent on the quality of the tenants leasing out your space.

The above assumption only works when you have a high-quality renter.  This is a renter who pays their rent on time, maintains the property in a reasonable condition, and adheres to the terms of the lease agreement.

Most property owners don’t have the time, resources, and tools to carry out a thorough tenant screening solution and end up placing the first renter who fills the application form. That should not be the case. Rely on Keyrenter Jacksonville to offer you a comprehensive solution.

We will thoroughly evaluate every applicant to ensure that they meet our set criteria. Keyrenter Jacksonville also ensures that our screening process is in compliance with the Fair Housing Act.

Tenant Move-in and Move-Out

Tenant Move-in day is the start of the lease agreement and relationship with the renter. It is also a day to straighten out one or two matters regarding the property.

The team from Keyrenter Jacksonville will be on site to welcome the tenant to the premises. We will also like to conduct an inspection of the property together with the tenant for them to appreciate the condition of the unit and the appliances.

tenants moving in with boxes

Once done, we will ask them to sign an inspection form and also take photos of the property. Once we receive notice of the tenant’s intention to move-out, we will organize for an inspection of the property.

It will be conducted with the previous signed inspection form and photographs in tow. We will ensure that the tenant makes the necessary repairs and should they not, we will make use of the security deposit to cater for the cost of repairs.

Property Inspection and Maintenance

The typical Florida tenant likes a property that is in quality condition. They would expect each space and appliance to be free of any repairs. The team from Keyrenter Jacksonville can guarantee this to your current and future tenants.

Our team carries out frequent inspections to ensure that defects are detected early. All repairs on your property will be handled by our in-house team who have the experience, expertise, and have a reputation for quality workmanship.

two people doing a property inspection

Financial Services

For you to be sure of the profit earned from your San Marco rental property, it is advisable for you to account for the money coming in and potential expenses. You don’t need to hire an accountant when you have the Keyrenter Jacksonville team.

We provide comprehensive accounting and record-keeping services. Our professional crew will keep accurate and detailed records of income, invoices, receipts, inspection reports, warranties, and leases.

Come tax season, we can do your annual reporting and tax billing.

Living in San Marco

San Marco has a rich and long history. Its history can be traced back to the last 18th century when the Spanish offered it as a land grant.

While the area exchanged hands several times, it was until the Great Fire in 1901 that development spread from Jacksonville to other areas in the outskirts; including San Marco.

There is never a dull day in San Marco. The area is filled with various entertainment and recreational options. The downtown area has about a dozen green spaces and parks for you to explore and enjoy. While you are walking around, keep an eye out for art murals.

If you prefer indoor activities, we recommend that you try out the area’s culinary scene. San Marco and Florida at large is known for its diverse culture. Residents are able to choose between Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and much more. Should you feel you want something easy going, you can try out the BBQ outlets.

San Marco has many public transport options for its residents. Jacksonville offers a bus service that transports its users to San Marco and back. You can also take advantage of the Beachside Buggies.

San Marco is also known for the quality of its schools. Some of the renowned public schools in the area include Stanton College Prep, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Paxon School, Darnell Cookman Middle & High School, and River City Science Academy.

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