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Managing a rental property comes with complexities. From determining the perfect rental price, to finding good tenants, to drafting a foolproof lease agreement, to conducting routine inspections. And without ample experience, being a landlord can prove to be very stressful.

Luckily for you, Keyrenter Jacksonville can help. We’re a property management company you can trust! Our professionalism and years of experience in the field is what makes us perfect in our craft.

Currently, we manage over 500 homes and our portfolio keeps increasing by the day. This serves as a testimony to our property management services.

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Our full suite of property management services are designed to help you succeed on all fronts. Whether you’re looking to fill your vacancies quickly, find the best tenant, make rent collection consistent, or maintain your property, we’ve got you covered.

What’s more, our 4 guarantees ensure that you don’t have anything to lose. The guarantees include: Leasing Guarantee, Pet Guard, Maintenance Guarantee, and Tenant Guarantee.

Our Property Management Services

Renting your Neptune Beach home has never been easier. With our property management services, we’ll make your life as a landlord much easier. Our services have been proven to work time and time again.

The following are some of our property management services.

1. Marketing Your Rental

Are you struggling to fill your vacancies in the Neptune Beach area? Worry no more! Keyrenter Jacksonville has your back! We consistently market in specifically proven avenues to fill vacant units quickly. In fact, in most cases, we’re able to do so in under 2 weeks. 

We use a combination of marketing tactics that include online resources, local classifieds, word-of-mouth and even yard signs. This ensures that we’re able to get our clients’ rentals in front of large prospective tenant pools, thereby increasing their chances of landing their target tenants.

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2. Determine Rental Price

In order to maximize your rental income, it’s imperative that you charge tenants the right rental price. The right rental price will ensure your property remains competitive while earning you maximum returns.

Thanks to our years of experience, we’ve been able to come up with a formula that has proven to be effective time and time again.

And best of all, this process is entirely FREE for property owners. Get in touch with our team to get started or learn more!

3. Conduct Tenant Screening

At Keyrenter Jacksonville, we don’t take chances with tenants. We only rent to the very best quality tenants. After a tenant contacts us after our marketing campaign, they enter a 14-step tenant screening process.

Our carefully curated screening process has been tested and proven to work time and time again. The process allows us to choose tenants on the basis of their income level, financial status, employment history, rental background, and criminal status.

Our aim is simply your aim: to find tenants that care for your property and guarantee you a passive income month after month. And needless to say, our tenant screening process is compliant with the Fair Housing Act.

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4. Drafting Rental Lease

This is another layer of defense we provide to our Neptune Beach clients. Besides renting to a great tenant, we also ensure we have them sign a comprehensive lease agreement.

The goal of requiring this is to help prevent problems before they can ever arise. Among the terms we include are: rent-related details, maintenance responsibilities, occupancy limits, and restrictions on certain activities such as subletting, smoking, and allowing pets. We will also make sure to incorporate any other terms you may have in mind.

Before a tenant can sign the agreement, we require them to pay a security deposit.

5. Handle Tenant Evictions

At Keyrenter Jacksonville, we only resort to evicting a tenant as the last resort. It’s only after we’ve exhausted all other options that we consider an eviction process. We rarely have to evict a tenant, but we are prepared nonetheless. Our team understands the legal process and nuances of evicting properly.

After the eviction process is complete, we restart the re-renting process. We make sure the property is rent-ready, by taking care of all necessary repairs and undertaking any necessary upgrades.

6. Conduct Property Inspections

Rental inspections are key to ensuring your property remains in good condition and that tenants honor their lease obligations. 

At Keyrenter Jacksonville, we let our clients choose the frequency at which we can conduct inspections. The goal of conducting the inspections is to identify potential issues, ensure the tenant is abiding by the terms, and to ensure your property is in tiptop shape.

Our team also makes sure to respect tenants’ privacy. We provide our tenants reasonable notice, enter during normal business hours, and enter for the right reasons.

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About Neptune Beach, Fl

Neptune Beach is located east of Jacksonville and is a beautiful beachfront city. Neptune Beach was one of the few communities that remained independent while most consolidated with Jacksonville in 1968.

Neptune Beach is considered a quiet community that hosts fun activities for all ages, whether relaxing on the beach or taking advantage of the waves that are perfect for surfing.

Some top attractions include BrewHound, dog park and bar, where you can enjoy a drink while your dog runs off some energy. Stop in at Jax Surf and Paddle where you can rent surfing and windsurfing gear for a fun activity day. Neptune Beach also offers beautiful natural scenery such as Jarboe Park.

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