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Are you looking for a dependable property manager in Nassau County, Florida? Keyrenter Jacksonville is a full-service property management company that prioritizes your needs and will help you achieve your property investment goals.

We have dedicated our property management services to helping our clients make the best of their rental properties. We emphasize on treating people how we’d like to be treated, and that has helped us grow exponentially in the property service business over the years.

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Our corporate values are centered on honesty, integrity and accountability. We attribute these values to our property managing success in the greater Jacksonville area. So far, we have over 500 rental properties in our portfolio that receive the utmost care and attention from our property management professionals.

At Keyrenter Jacksonville, we specialize in managing single family homes, multi-family units, duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes. We offer real property management where our management duties include managing properties of all kinds, including commercial properties and home owner associations.

Our professional team handles each of these properties as though they were our own. Through our innovation and personalized managing services, we have been able to distinguish ourselves as a leader in our field.

By working with us, you’ll be assured of the highest quality services. Connect with us today if you’d like assistance with your Nassau County rental property.

Our Property Management Services

At Keyrenter Jacksonville, we provide a property management service that ensures your rental property will flourish. Our goal is to maximize the value of your investment and maintain it in the best possible condition. Some of our services include:

Property Marketing

One of the important steps to finding the perfect resident is an effective strategy. Here at Keyrenter Jacksonville, we utilize proven strategies that help us get the best prospective tenants for our property owners.

Our professionals have the knowledge and experience needed to not only capture their attention, but to also leave a lasting impression.

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Our full service property management marketing team creates captivating ads and distributes them through local classifieds, online resources and other platforms.

This database has provided consistent results in finding suitable tenants for your property. Our campaigns are targeted to meet the specific needs of the tenants thus making our properties stand out from the rest.

Thorough Tenant Screening

When prospective tenants send us an application, we evaluate their suitability through our 14-step screening process. This process helps us to access useful information on the candidates thus informing our final decision. Through resident screening, we are able to identify potential red flags early and avoid any complications with tenants down the road.

The screening process involves several background checks as well as verifying their income, employment history and credit history. We also search the tenant history database and contact previous landlords to learn more about the prospect. Our goal is to find tenants who are the right fit for your property thus ensuring profitability year after year

Drafting a Comprehensive Lease

When it comes to offering placement to the qualified tenants, we ensure that our lease agreements are concise to avoid any confusion. When leases are vague and open to interpretation, they can cause misunderstandings between the parties involved.

To avoid this, our professional property management company invites questions and offers further clarification to the new tenants.

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In addition, we collect a security deposit and conduct a property inspection prior to the move in. Our goal is to build a rapport with the tenants while making our expectations as clear as possible. At Keyrenter Jacksonville, we’ll take every possible measure to protect your property investment.

Property Inspections

Keeping up with a property’s condition is necessary in safeguarding its market value. For this reason, our professional team conducts regular inspections to reveal any issues before they become a larger problem in the future. In doing so, we are able to minimize your repair costs and protect the condition of your property.

Our preventive approach is also beneficial in ensuring the tenant upholds the terms of the lease. If we discover the tenant is behaving contrary to these terms, we’ll be able to take the required action and rectify the situation. The detailed notes by our technicians also help us to compare the specific elements of the property for reconciliation upon vacancy.

Emergency Maintenance

While our preventive approach helps us to minimize property damage, there are certain instances where tenants may require emergency repairs. Our team of experts are on stand-by 24/7 to handle any issues.

Tenants are able to make their repair requests through our online portal. Once we receive the request, we’ll diagnose the issue and immediately dispatch a specialist team to their location.

By attending to repair issues in a reasonable time frame, we are able to keep the tenants happy and minimize the tenant turnover rate.

Handling Evictions

In the event of a disagreement with a tenant, our team always attempts to find an amicable solution. However, when all else fails, our property managers will take the necessary action.

We have the necessary expertise to initiate the eviction process. We will file all the required paperwork and protect you and your property’s interests.

Once the process is complete, we proceed to restore your property’s condition and find a new tenant. By thoroughly screening them, we will ensure that such situations are not repeated.

About Nassau County

Nassau County is found in the north eastern area of Florida and it is a part of the metropolitan area of Jacksonville. It was founded in 1824 from Duval County and named after the Duchy of Nassau in Germany.

Due to its proximity to Jacksonville, Nassau County has experienced remarkable growth over the years. Since 2000, Nassau County has had agricultural production, new housing developments, increased tourism as well as an influx of new companies. It is also a popular residence for individuals in the military that are based in the neighboring Duval County.

Nassau County also has the Port of Fernandina which is owned and operated by the The Ocean Highway & Port Authority (OHPA). The seaport is used as a terminal for pulp and paper. It is also used for steel exports, machinery, auto parts, chemicals, beverages, chemicals, building materials and food products. This plays a vital role in the local economy.

Some areas of interest include Amelia Island Lighthouse, Amelia Island State Park and Fort Clinch State Park. Nassau County is a pleasant place to live and is filled with opportunity.

Source: Wikipedia

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