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Operating residential and commercial properties can require plenty of effort. You need to perform effective advertising to stir interest from a lot of prospects, prepare your property for showings, screen the potential tenants, find a system for collecting the rent efficiently, conduct financial reporting, and ensure that your Duval County rental home remains habitable and attractive.

Fortunately, with Keyrenter Jacksonville taking over the rental property management, you can breathe easier as we deliver outstanding results when it comes to landing great tenants, filling your property vacancies quickly, implementing an effective tenant screening procedure and rent collection system, and conducting regular property maintenance.


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Founded in Jacksonville, FL, our property management company has taken care of more than 500 real estate units, ranging from single-family homes and condo units to duplexes and multi-family buildings. This strengthens our reliability as your Duval County rental property manager. We have proven experience and in-depth local expertise no matter your property type.

Our management company keeps our client’s investment and financial goals in mind. That’s why we invest in the best technology to install the best systems.

This leads to high-quality property management services that contribute to retaining long-term tenants, minimizing turnovers, maximizing your earnings, and enhancing the value of your investment property in Duval County.

Under our property management, you can sit back and relax as you wait for your rental proceeds from your real estate investment properties to be delivered to your account. We’re fully committed to achieving excellence in property management. We stand out from other property management companies thanks to the relationship we have with our clients.

Our Duval County Property Management has the right professional skills from communicating superbly, handling complaints and emergencies to dealing with property maintenance and repair. Truly, we offer our best property management practices, helping to elevate your Jacksonville, FL rental home investment.

Call Keyrenter Jacksonville today at (904) 330 4040 and eliminate your worries with our full service property management. We offer residential and commercial property management, as we focus on providing continuous value to property owners and resolving property issues and resident concerns for you.

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Our Property Management Services

Keyrenter Jacksonville has superb property management services to better your real estate investment, such as effectively marketing vacancies, conducting property inspections regularly, collecting rent promptly, screening the prospective renters extensively, and handling property maintenance, repairs, and emergencies.

Here are some of the services that our residential property managers provide to our clients when partnered with Keyrenter Jacksonville:

1. Marketing Your Rental

Our property managers know that rental property owners dislike vacant units, especially since it’s more costly to maintain. You’d also need to take on additional marketing duties to get your Duval County rental home in the eyes of prospects.

With Keyrenter Jacksonville onboard, you automatically have access to a professional marketing team that can get your unit rented out right away to great tenants.

Our property managers have proven marketing experience. Our property management firm creates the best ads that contain engaging headlines and property descriptions mixed with attractive high-definition photos that will entice plenty of prospects to your property.

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2. Tenant Screening Process

Even if your Duval County rental home is occupied, you can still end up with more problems and financial losses if you have a bad tenant. Keyrenter Jacksonville’s property management strategy implements a 14-step tenant screening process to land the best caliber of renters in your unit.

Our professional property managers help owners avoid dealing with stress as we run proper and detailed renter background screening. Your property manager will take everything into account, such as verifying employment, reviewing the income, and checking the credit reports and eviction records. References will also be contacted for further screening. We’re meticulous to eliminate the stress contributed by a bad tenant.

3. Crafting Rental Agreements

Not all property owners are well-versed when it comes to property laws. Keyrenter Jacksonville property management creates leasing agreements that adhere to the State laws and local regulations. Our property management company ensures that the right terms and conditions are included in the agreement.

The rental agreement is properly crafted to protect your interest. It can also reduce answering the repetitive queries from the renters. The contract is clear, easy to understand, and specific to your Duval County rental home. Conflicts are reduced as we work to provide a tight lease that covers all clauses and vital property policies.

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4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

If owners continue providing a comfortable Duval County rental home, renters would be encouraged to sign a lease renewal. Keyrenter Jacksonville is dedicated to keeping your unit habitable and attractive. Inspections are consistent, property damages are repaired, and tenant issues are properly resolved.

If an emergency occurs in one of our managed rental properties, our Jacksonville property management company is always ready to address them and keep you updated with the situation. Owners don’t have to worry about contacting a contractor as we have built great relationships with a large network over time. They can be trusted with excellent maintenance work, which helps in fostering trust with your renters.

About Duval County, Florida

Duval County is situated on the northeastern side of Florida and its county seat is Jacksonville. It was founded in 1822 and named after the Governor of Florida Territory, William Pope Duval. It encompasses a total area of 918 square miles.

Residents in Duval County appreciate living here for its incredible weather, outdoor recreation, amazing beaches, and growing economy. Families with kids find it convenient to be near top-rated schools.

In addition, major attractions like Orlando, Savannah, and Charleston are a few hours of driving away. It’s an ideal place for families, retirees, and young professionals looking for an active lifestyle in a nature-imbued environment.

Here are interesting things to see in Duval County, Florida:

  1. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
  2. Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens
  3. MOSH (Museum of Science and History)
  4. Little Talbot Island State Park
  5. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park
  6. The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife
  7. MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)
  8. Kingsley Plantation
  9. Huguenot Memorial Park
  10. Riverside Arts Market

(Source: Wikipedia)

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