The JAX Ale Trail is a popular route for beer lovers in Jacksonville, but there’s so many to choose from. Especially if you’re there on vacation and don’t have time to hit every one, how do you know which to choose? Whether you’re looking for a family friendly place to eat or simply somewhere to relax with your friends, here’s a list of the most unique and interesting breweries in the Jacksonville area!

Bold City Brewery: 2670 Rosselle St #7

This intimate and rustic brewery is known for being a cozy, family owned company. In 2008, Bold City became Jacksonville’s first craft brewer in forty years, and they live up to their history. There’s live music every Friday night and food vendors on site to pair with your beer of choice. If you mention you’re a first time customer, they may even give you a free tour and a tasting of each of their taps to show off their homemade brews! With plenty of places to park and sit, the locals love this brewery for being a great place to hang out and relax.

Wicked Barley Brewing Company: 4100 Baymeadows Rd

This location not only serves food, but also has vegan and vegetarian options for everyone to enjoy. They have a beautiful, wide open outdoor area where pets and kids alike can run around and have fun while you sit back and enjoy your drink. It’s also located along the banks of Goodby’s Creek, making it the perfect place for kayakers to make a quick pit stop on their way down the river. Be warned, parking is limited so be prepared to walk a little ways to enjoy this brewery.

Veterans United Craft Brewery: 8999 Western Way #104

There’s never a dull night at this Veteran owned and operated brewery! Not only do they have live music, but also stand-up comedy, poker, and trivia nights. They also have board games scattered across the tables for customers to enjoy any time of the day. If you hit them on the right day, there’ll be food trucks lined up outside for you to enjoy with your drinks, and feel free to bring your dog along with you to this fun, pet friendly restaurant.. Located in an out of the way warehouse a little off the main road, this is a hidden gem in the south side of town. 

Hyperion Brewing Company: 1740 N Main Street Dr

The biggest charm of this brewery is that the menu is constantly changing! Every time you come in there’ll be a new flavor for you to enjoy! It’s both dog friendly and kid friendly, so feel free to bring the whole family to this fun atmosphere! There’s also a beautiful garden in the back where you can sit back and relax, and some light appetizers such as chips and salsa or hummus to pair nicely with your beer.

Engine 15 Brewing Co: 633 Myrtle Ave N

This is probably the most kid friendly brewery you’ll find anywhere, let alone in Jacksonville! They have an incredible indoor playground and a pirate ship –yep, you read that right — where the kids can play while the adults enjoy all of the local brews from this brewery. On weekends, you can even order tacos and pizza to enjoy with your drinks

Tabula Rasa Brewing: 2385 Corbett St

Even if beer isn’t really your thing, you’ll never be bored when visiting Tabula Rasa. They have many different activities going on almost every night including bingo, trivia night, painting, yoga, bonfires, movies, and more! This is another brewery with a beautiful outdoor area where you can bring your dog with you to enjoy the scenery. In the middle of the rail yard district, this company makes comfort their priority, letting guests bring outside food, have some delivered, or order from the food trucks that occasionally come by. 

No matter where your beer tasting adventures take you, it’s hard to go wrong when you’re in Jacksonville. Whether you’re on vacation in this beautiful city, or a local looking for a new brewery to try, each of these have their own charm and tasty taps that are worth checking out.