Landlords have hundreds of rental applications over the years, which can lead to some legal ramifications if a person is denied housing for failure to meet the Fair Housing Act regulations. Renters understand that filling out an application is an essential part of the overall process, but there is always a worry about what could occur with their application. Past transgressions such as a criminal history can cause applications to be rejected. Landlords do work hard to provide equal housing opportunities to all, but there are some legal reasons why a rental application can be denied.

Unverified Income
A rental application can be rejected due to a person’s inability to have sufficient income. A property manager is looking for a tenant who can pay their rent on time each month. If they have income that doesn’t meet the rent, with plenty extra to go towards other expenses, they may pass on the application. Landlords need to see paystubs, direct deposits, and employment verification.

Bad Credit
A part of the tenant screening process will involve a credit report. Having bad credit shows landlords that that person is not a desirable tenant. They may fail to pay on time, or they may struggle to pay rent.

Criminal History
If the tenant has a criminal history, landlords need to go through the report to find out if the person is a risk to the property and other tenants. A person on the sex offender registry can often spark outrage from other tenants if they are given the property to rent. Due diligence must be conducted in order to find the right tenant who will not cause problems and disrupt the community.

If a person lists references on the application, and none of them can be verified, the rental application can be rejected. Some of the past references should include a past landlord, employers, or trustworthy friend or relative.

Prior Evictions
Another reason why a rental application is denied is due to prior evictions. Being evicted shows the landlord the applicant is not a reliable renter.

History Gaps
If the renter has large gaps in their history as to where they have lived previously, it can be a red flag. In some situations, a history gap shows the landlord the person may have left the property prior to the lease being up. If the candidate cannot explain the history gaps correctly, the application can be denied.

Unpaid Rental Costs
Another reason why rental applications are rejected is use to unpaid balanced from a previous rental property. Something like an unpaid utility bill can cause the rental application to be rejected.

Too Many Residents
Rental applications can be rejected due to too many people asking to live in the property. It is important to view state laws related to how many people can live in the house.

As it can be difficult to navigate the rental world, hiring a property management company is the best way to go. Property managers focus on handling rental applications and meet legal requirements to effectively reject applicants that do not meet the criteria. Keyrenter Property Management Jacksonville, FL, provides residential property management services to landlords of single family homes, duplexes, condos, and small multifamily units.