Tenants and landlords can have excellent relationships until there is a problem. When dealing with pest control, it almost always causes problems for both parties. Pest issues can leave the property unhealthy to live in. Failure to remedy a pest problem in a timely manner can be costly and could hurt business.

When Do Tenants Pay for Pest Control

In most situations, landlords will pay for pest control as part of the rental property agreement. However, there are situations where a tenant will pay.

  • The tenant fails to maintain a clean living environment (such as failing to throw away trash)
  • Poor upkeep within the living area due to non-reported leaks 
  • Tenant pets that are attracting other issues like fleas

An exterminator will be able to determine if the tenant has living conditions that are leading to pest problems. Failure to clean the property and having excess moisture is typically when the tenant will need to pay for the cost of pest control.

Landlord Rights

Inspecting the rental property with notice allows landlords the ability to stay in the know with what the condition of the property looks like. Pet conditions and living conditions leading to pest issues are concerning and need to be addressed. Landlords that discover unsanitary conditions can issue the tenant a notice to comply with the standards in the contract.

What About Bed Bugs?

A common problem landlords deal with relate to bed bugs. Bed bugs are challenging because they can spread quickly, and they can be difficult to identify which tenant brought them into a building. If the property was bed bug free to start and there are bed bugs when the tenant is leaving, they are liable for the pest issues. The renter cost will be taken from their deposit if they fail to pay for the cost of pest control independently.

Hiring a property management company to create a solid rental property agreement is the best way to educate tenants on the policies and procedures related to pest control issues. Contact Keyrenter Property Management in Jacksonville to learn more about pest control and tenant issues.