When evictions occur, everyone loses. Avoiding evictions benefit everyone involved. For tenants, evictions can significantly impact their credit and their ability to find a new place to live. For landlords, evictions are both time-consuming and costly. Taking a proactive approach to the landlord-tenant relationship can help landlords avoid evictions.

Open, Honest Communication

Creating conditions where the tenant feels they can communicate openly with the landlord helps to solve conflicts without eviction. Eviction is always a last resort because it creates negative consequences for everyone.

Manage Tenant Concerns

If a tenant brings a concern to the landlord’s attention, it is vital for that concern to be managed in an efficient, reasonable manner. Taking care of any concerns quickly can stop problems from growing.


Create a set of guidelines that prospective tenants must fit. Do not make exceptions. Making exceptions because a prospective tenant seems to be good-natured and trustworthy, despite having a horrible credit score, can have significant consequences in the long run.

Background Checks

Thorough background checks are essential. Failure to perform appropriate background checks, including credit reports and prior eviction history, can cause many problems. A bad tenant can be disastrous for your business. Taking the time to ensure that all of these checks are done can give you peace of mind about your tenant.

Here at Keyrenter, we have a 14-point tenant screening process that weeds out bad tenants before they become a problem. Our eviction rate is less than 1%, which prevents significant problems for both landlords and tenants.

The necessary steps to avoid future evictions can be time-consuming, but they are far better than the alternative. Working with Keyrenter can help you maintain high-quality tenants without taking extreme amounts of time. For more information about how we can help you avoid evictions, contact us at Keyrenter in Jacksonville today!