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Located along the St. Johns River in the southern part of Jacksonville, Florida, Mandarin is a neighborhood named after oranges that once grew there. Writer Harriet Beatrice Stowe lived there in the 19th century, and she called the area a “tropical paradise.” The neighborhood was converted to residential housing a few decades ago, and it provides not only stunning views of the river but is also lined with beautiful old oak trees covered in Spanish Moss. The neighboorhood further offers an abundance of shopping options as well as many fine restaurants. What’s more, it is home to the Walter Jones Historical Park, which includes 10 riverfront acres and has picnic tables, a citrus grove and a farmhouse dating from the late 19th century.

Residents of the area also have access to all that greater Jacksonville offers, which includes fabulous beaches, a zoo, parks, museums and even a professional NFL team. There are also excellent golf courses in the city and many opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities. Interstate 95 runs through the city as well, providing residents with access to the entire eastern coast of the state. There are many excellent public and private schools in the area as well as a number of colleges and universities, including Jacksonville University, the University of North Florida and Florida State College at Jacksonville.

The population of the neighborhood is a little more 7,000 people, with about 1,160 people per square mile. The median age there is a little more than 50, and about 25% of families there have children under 18. The median household income is around $95,000 per year, and about 60% of residents have attended college. The ratio of men to women is almost equal. Mandarin Property Manager According to Zillow, the median home value in the neighborhood is about $325,000. Home values have risen nearly 3% in the last year and they are expected to rise by almost 5% in the coming year. The median list price of homes there is currently a little under $360,000, which works out to $143 per square foot. In Jacksonville as a whole, list prices of homes are $119 per square foot. The median price of homes that have actually sold in the neighborhood is a little under $317,000. 94% of residents in the neighborhood own their own home. The average rent there is currently around $1,800 per month, while the average rent in Jacksonville as a whole is about $1,220. Call us for a comprehensive market analysis of your rental property.


Situated between the city of Jacksonville and the Atlantic coastline, Mayport is a quaint little fishing village with a long history in the area. When you first see it, the place seems like just any other small town in Florida. It’s so much more! It’s an excellent area that’s close in proximity to the beach as well as the downtown area of Jacksonville. Here, you’re surrounded by waterways, swamps, and beautiful beaches. It’s situated in between the Naval base and the St. Johns River, and is a great spot for sightseeing and offers an endless amount of opportunities to get out in the wild.

This is especially perfect for you if you love to get out on the water. There are numerous places in which you can have access to the St. Johns River, Intracoastal Waterway, and the Atlantic Ocean. Launch facilities are located at surrounding marinas and boat ramps. The Intracoastal Waterway runs up the entire eastern seaboard and offers calm serenity. Nine Mile Reef is a hotspot for both boaters and fishers. It’s located close, just a bit offshore. Apart from the numerous boating and water opportunities, North Florida has plenty of fun “urban” options. Jacksonville is a city where you can find art festivals, food festivals, and a growing live music scene.

This sleepy village is located close to Jacksonville Florida. Jacksonville is a growing city that’s home to a diverse and eclectic population. There are pockets of Asians, Middle Easterners, and Latinos throughout the metro area. Close to downtown is the hip Riverside area. In Riverside, you can find a number of delicious gastropubs and craft breweries. The craft brewery scene in the area is booming. Jacksonville is massive – it’s the largest city in the U.S. if you take area into consideration. It’s a big city with a population of close to 900,000. Jacksonville is located near the Georgia-Florida border, making weekend trips to Savannah or Charleston a very real possibility. The real estate market offers a range of options. Here, you can find million dollar homes and small apartments all within a mile of each other. According to Zillow, the average price of homes in the beaches area varies. In Atlantic Beach, it is 375,000, and in Jacksonville Beach, it is 341,00. Seeing as Mayport isn’t located directly seaside, you may be able to find homes at a more affordable price. Jacksonville is a growing city; its development is seen in the construction you see everywhere. Mayport is a historic village that’s stood the test of time, and looks to retain its importance for a while to come!


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One of 500 neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida, Southside, or South Jacksonville, is one of the city’s larger sections. The greater neighborhood includes the area bordered by Mandarin to the south, Arlington to the north and the St. Johns River to the west and north. With a population of just over 2,000, the neighborhood boasts a “75” livability ranking, thanks to its desirable climate and many available amenities. The neighborhood is a peaceful area, and residents can feel safe on its streets any hour of the day or night. Several fitness centers serve the area’s health-conscious citizens.

Southside Property Manager

A relatively educated neighborhood, the community is home to a higher percentage of residents who hold college degrees than the city as a whole. There’s also a low number, under l percent, of residents not fluent in English in contrast to the City of Jacksonville at 3 percent. The neighborhood’s median age of its residents is just over 44, in contrast to Jacksonville’s at 35.7, and is undoubtedly one fact that results in its lower percentage of families with children under 18 at 36 percent, as opposed to that of Jacksonville at 42 percent. This also goes hand in hand with the statistic that there is only an average of 1.8 persons per household in the neighborhood in contrast to 2.6 in the city at large.

As of 2016, the annual per capita income was $43,000 in contrast to that of the City of Jacksonville at only $26,159. It was also 44 percent higher than the national average. At $56,331, the median annual household income was also higher than that of Jacksonville at $48,256. The neighborhood’s unemployment rate of just 1.2 percent was a significant contrast to that of the City of Jacksonville at 5.6 percent. It was also an astonishingly 75 percent lower than the national unemployment rate. The median list price for a home in the neighborhood is $325,000, which amounts to $232 per square foot, and which has shown signs of decreasing. This could be, in part, because the median home value is only $255,900, which is in the middle range of homes in the Jacksonville area. Many upscale homes feature swimming pools of varying designs. Homes remain an average of 92 days on the market. Most of the homes in the neighborhood, however, are rentals; and the median rent is a relatively high $2,600 per month. Partly because of the greater number of rental units, the neighborhood population density of 1,512 persons per square mile is higher than that of the City of Jacksonville at 1,146. It’s also much more densely populated than the State of Florida as a whole, which stands at at 294 persons per square mile. Contact us today for a complete market analysis of your rental property.

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